News:: Happy Christmas from Martians and Moka Only

Martian Xmas 2007Yesterday the Ack mentioned that, for various reasons, we usually prefer to write the full reviews here on the hill. Generally it's because we want to acknowledge the work artists put into their albums by giving them a proper listen and write up, but it's also largely because we enjoy our own ramblings. And if no one else reads them, we do dammit! But it's Christmas, so I'll digress and get off the soapbox. Especially because after that treatise on our review policy, I'm going to break it.

Hey, it's Christmas, and time is short for everyone at this time of year. But I didn't want that to stop me from sharing some xmas goodness in the form of Moka Only's Martian Xmas 2007. The good folks at Urbnet gave Moka's annual Christmas album a digital release for the festive season. Without a doubt, Moka's the most prolific man in Canadian hip hop, but can you ever go wrong with more and more Moka? I doubt it. This Christmas-themed release gives you more of what you love about Moka: catchy, low-key beats and Moka's sing-song flow addressing anything and everything in his everyday.

So here you go, enjoy some fine Canadian holiday hip hop with your egg nog.

MP3:: Moka Only - Yah f. PSY

MP3:: Moka Only - What I Do Know

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