Tuesday, December 4, 2007

News:: Larry Bird, Birthdays & Me

You guessed it friends, today is yer man Naedoo's birthday. How old am I? Well if you must know, today is my 33rd birthday. I know, I know, compared to many of our loyal readers I might as well be 83, but in the big picture 33 isn't that old. Consider this, Jay-Z's birthday is also today, but he was born in 1969! That would make jigga 38 today, that's two years from 40, which is really old. Sure, he's a billionaire and is essentially married to Beyonce, but man, 38. Pass the champagne gramps.

Anyway, the Ack and I have taken the original step of christening 33 the Bird birthday (don't let his youthful appearance fool you, the Ack also turns 33 in April). I hated Bird with a passion coming up (I was more of a Rambis man as far as hooping crackers go), and the Ack loved him, so as a result we've discussed him plenty over the years. It's now impossible to think about 33 without thinking about Larry legend, hence the sassified pic of him that accompanies this post. Well that and he possibly has one of the best sports moustaches ever, so a Bird pic is never gratuitous.

If you've read this far, you probably have a sneaking suspicion that this post has no real point. I enjoy writing the nonsense, and if I can't write some pointless nonsense on my birthday, then when can I? Anyway, in honour of my 33rd birthday, here are some solid hip hop tracks that use "thirty-three" in the lyrics. Have a listen, spot the 33 for yourself, good times for all.

Here's to me, the best there is.

MP3:: Dilated Peoples - Back Again
MP3:: EPMD - Manslaughter
MP3:: Grand Puba - Lickshot
MP3:: Nas - One Mic
MP3:: Ghostface - Camay

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