Monday, December 31, 2007

Old School Mondays:: Chubb Rock & Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Perhaps you've noticed my posting absence over the holidays, I even missed Old School Mondays last week even though I had some Christmas rap jams all ready to go. But we've been super busy with holiday activities of the friends & family variety, plus trying to keep up with our son, who's energy level seems to indicate he has a mixture of Red Bull and Mountain Dew coursing through his veins. Basically I'm saying I've had neither the time nor the energy to post over the last week, but good news folks, I'm back.

I had no theme for this week's OSM, but as perhaps you might have heard, today is New Year's Eve. Unfortunately that still didn't really give me a direction to go in, so I tried to think of songs that might've been played at our new year's eve parties back in the day. But then I remembered that our high school new year's eve parties usually consisted of us using a fake ID to rent a motel room, piling 25 people into said room instantly, and then being evicted from the room within 2 hours. In reality there probably wasn't much music played, so I just thought of some solid golden age party starters. Somehow I came up with Chubb Rock's Treat 'Em Right and Pete Rock & CL Smooth's The Creator. Not bad I'd say.

MP3:: Chubb Rock - Treat 'Em Right
I have no idea why it's taken me this long to get Chubb Rock into an episode of Old School Mondays, as the Chubbster rules and was one of my favorite MC's at one point. Clever with the wordplay and possessor of charisma levels that matched his sizable waistline, I'd have to say Chubb Rock probably never got the shine he deserved. Perhaps his biggest hit, Treat 'Em Right is from 1991's The One which spawned 3 number 1 singles. I'll have to feature the Chubbster again soon as I'd like to write more about him, but I have to move on, just enjoy this one.

MP3:: Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Creator
This was a big song in 1991. It was most people's (mine included) introduction to Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and perhaps more importantly, it was an intro to Pete Rock's production, which without a doubt became one of the defining sounds of the early 90's. Also it's one of Pete's best MC outings, because unlike that Grand Cru Pinot Noir you got for Christmas, Pete's MC abilities have not improved with age. I loved this song, and so did pretty much everyone else when they heard it for the first time. It's mainly the horns I'd say, oh those Pete Rock horns.

Video:: Chubb Rock - Treat 'Em Right

Video:: Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Creator

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