A Rarity:: Orillia Opry

- photo courtesy of Caroline Desilets
We almost never post anything outside of complete reviews on herohill. I mean, we love to crank up the 80's/90's hip hop for Old School Mondays, but outside of that we try to only hit you with long, drawn out reviews you don't bother reading while you grab MP3s.

Anyway, I was thinking about making a year-end mix and realized that I've been listening to a lot of Orillia Opry and never got a copy of the record. Their back story? This folky duo (Daniel Noble and Emma Baxter) has some support from member of Plants & Animals (who jumped up to number 7 on our EP of the year list) and are even former label mates.

What does that have to do with anything? Not much really, especially because they don't sound anything like P&A.; They do however, sound fantastic. Their acoustic arrangements flicker like a candle flame in a dark room, but what makes then stand out is how fleshed out the songs are. Hopefully in the upcoming weeks I'll have a full review of their new record - Lighthouse for Stragglers' Eyes.

In the meantime.. enjoy:
MP3:: Riverside 2
MP3:: Poison House

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