Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Fanshaw

This little folk outfit has all the talent to become your next favorite band. Driven by Olivia Fetherstonhaugh - an easy on the eye talent - Fanshaw is able to toe the line between accessible and adventurous. Her voice reminds me of Laura Gibson. The warbles and fluctuations challenge you, but the sounds warm you even with only the minimal instrumental backing. The thing that helps her stand out? She can effortlessly switch from intimate quirky vocal delivery to a chanteuse with the vocal power to dominate a song as well.

Vegas starts with simple strums and Olivia's voice. Sure they add some bass and brushed drums to push the song along, but it's her voice that draws you in and keeps you listening and it completely contrasts the understated groove of Strong Hips. Said without a hint of sarcasm of cynicism, Fanshaw could be the type of band you hear in Starbucks or see on countless blogs. With the success of artists like Feist and St. Vincent, there's no reason to think Olivia can't do the same. The sounds are that strong and versatile.

I've included the grainy home recording of Checkerboard, but you can jump over to From Blown Speakers for another track. Quinn put up a great mix of local artists who gave away material to support Insite. Go grab the music, but support the safe injection site that Vancouver really needs.

MP3:: Checkerboard

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