Tuesday, December 4, 2007

With root beer thoughts, here's a ....

for your birthday.

That classic Ghostface line is a perfect way to start off Shane's Larry Bird year. Probably because we are older than 95% of the people blogging about music, but more so because we came from Halifax (where everyone knows everyone), Shane and I have been hanging out more or less sense '91. That's a long ass time. So long that the old skool classics were tracks we pumped in our yellow Sony Walkmen and floated in the pool like Nice & Smooth.

Here are a few classic tracks, complete with the reason why:
MP3:: 93 till - Souls of Mischief
Aside from being an awesome song, this song has a double meaning for me. In grade 12, my car got jacked for the face plate stereo while I was helping Scott Pottie loot jeans. By help I mean drove him to Halifax Shopping Center and that was reluctant. Anyway, they grabbed all my tapes including the one in the stereo... which was Shane's copy of SOM. Needless to say, I had to pay the deductible, and give him 15 bucks.
MP3:: The Militia - Gangstarr ft. Freddie Foxxx and Big Shug
Another classic. Freddie Foxxx was probably someone that only Shane and I liked alot, but he dropped classic lines like "fatter than Rosie and Star Jones huggin'" and you actually thought he would rather fight you than battle you. Plus, Premier was still awesome at this point and Guru hadn't got all jazzamatazzy yet.
MP3:: Guess Who's Back - Rakim
It's funny that all these blogs that talk about the best emcees always drop Outkast and every Wu solo record, but no one brings up Rakim. Hands down, he has the best voice and deserves more credit. This song is awesome, right down to the Bob James sample. I guess it would have been more fitting when they actually moved, but a delayed shout out for Shane and Petra heading home.
MP3:: Chief Rocka - Lords of the Underground
I'm not sure if this was actually on our high school basketball warm-up tape but if not, it should have been. This is the jam. "Damn Do-it-All, can I rock?" This song is a perfect example of why is why golden age hip hop is so awesome; a great beat and they rhyme about nonsense for four minutes.

Happy bday, Shane. Put on a cape and go save Halifax.

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