Word on the Beat:: Jon Jackson vs. Nine Inch Nails

It's been a while since we accosted musicians for free stuff - aka the Word on the Beat series - but Jon Jackson's record blew us away. We couldn't help but ask him for a contribution.

In my review, I mentioned that Jon's writing was some of the most honest work I've heard in a long time, and even his reasons for choosing this NIN cover are completely unpretentious. I mean, admitting his dream was to play in an NIN cover band?

Jackson - with help from Vee Maurice - strips out the drum machines, the hellish back vocals and relies on a simple acoustic line instead. The one thing that remains is the rage of the vocals. Jackson manages to channel the emotion Reznor delivers on the original, despite his ambitious reworking.

Anyway, enjoy this holiday treat from Jon:
I think I've got something for the word on the beat. It's a cover of "The Becoming," off the Nine Inch Nails cd The Downward Spiral. This was one of the first cds I owned. I think it came out when I was in the 6th grade. I would stay up late at night dreaming about being in a Nine Inch Nails cover band and playing at the school talent shows. I finally saw them live in '06, and it exceeded all the expectations I'd built up over the years. It was great.
MP3:: The Becoming - Jon Jackson

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