Contests:: Win copy of Nicole Atkins Neptune City

Just when you thought the holidays are over... well we just keep on giving. The nicest thing about this contest is that Nicole Atkins is an artist I 100% support.

Her latest record - Neptune City - is fantastic (read our review). She beefs up the production from her debut EP (read our review), but her song writing is so strong that extra gloss just sounds great.

So, here's the deal. Either send us an email (herohill [at] gmail dotcom) or leave your email in the comments section. We will pick two lucky winners and send out the record.

Easy, peezy.

MP3:: Maybe Tonight (acoustic live)

@ 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous kicked the following game:

yay <3
(happy new year to you too)


@ 3:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous kicked the following game:

mannortonricefan at yahoo dot com


@ 6:37 PM, Blogger historyjen kicked the following game:

yay! jenniferpolk AT gmail DOT com


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