Saturday, January 12, 2008

Contests:: Win some vinyl from VHS or Beta

Here's the skinny. I really don't listen to much music that isn't slow and steady, so normally I would have just disregarded the email that offered up some dance punk. But my good friend loves this band, so I figure worst case scenario I feature some music on herohill that he'll enjoy and stop his constant - "why can't you ever talk about music I like" jibber jabber.

So, here's a lil summin summin for you readers (him). We have three (3) copies of the new VHS or Beta single - Burn It All Down.

It's simple. Just drop us an email (herohill [at] gmail [dotcom]) or add your email address in the comments.

The vinyl features three remixes of their new single by artists Fred Falk, The Midnight Juggernauts and Surkin. Full disclosure? I have no idea who any of those people are, but if you like beats and dance punk, this vinyl slab will serve you well. I actually enjoy the Fred Falk remix which shocked me, so if you are into this style of music, this might be a must have.

MP3:: Burnin' it All Down - VHS or Beta

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Here's mine


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Mine is


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I love the Midnight Juggernauts remix of this song. It's like Sonic the Hedgehog mixed with dance music. Lovin' it.


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