Tuesday, January 22, 2008

File under finally:: J Tillman Minor Works available in North America

Anything with a title that long must be note worthy. It's no secret that 50% of herohill are card carrying members of the J Tillman fan club, so it's with great pleasure we can tell you that Undertow Music is helping J release Minor Works on this side of the pond.
Minor Works was J's first attempt to record his songs with a backing band and the results are fantastic. Although our review was far too brief, the sentiments still hold true:
His songs are soft, soothing, and melancholic, highlighted by his weary, hushed voice. Dripping with emotion, Tillman’s voice seems as heart-broken as his lyrics, too hurt to raise much above a whisper.

Minor Works marks a step forward, as his guitar is backed by a full band, including slide and strings (these really add depth to the fantastic Jesse’s Not a Sleeper), but that doesn’t take away from the intimacy of the effort. You can still here Tillman clear his throat on songs, and squeak his fingers along his frets. You still wonder if the recordings were meant for other people to hear or just for him.
J's already mentioned that his next record might be his last, which would be a shame. Hopefully some attention to this great record will help push his sales up and give him the means to keep going.

[MP3]:: Crooked Roof
[MP3]:: With Wolves

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At 6:44 PM, Blogger VU did sayeth:

i have always loved this record.


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