Go Steelers... sexified

Today is a big day. The NFL is my sport of choice (followed closely by futbol) and since I lived in PIttsburgh for a few years, I'm a card carrying member of the Steeler nation. Today is playoff day, and the Steelers are playing the Jags. Herohill honorary member Thomas Dreher II is from Jacksonville so the game is one I'd really like to win. Hearing his taunts is not something I need to deal with.

Anyway, posting is short and sweet, as I'm more concerned with the game than finding a few MP3s for y'all. This song, called Go Steelers is ridiculous. It's a sexified jazz number by Two Hot and their picture says it all. So if you are into horrible jazz where the vocalists simple say players names in a breathy voice... get downloading.

Oh, and because I hate the Ravens I've added a clip of Hines Ward obliterating Ed Reed.
MP3:: Go Steelers.mp3

@ 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous kicked the following game:

hrmm wow doesn't hold a candle to the Philadelphia Eagles theme.. but not bad I guess :)

Go jags!


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