Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Humpday Video:: Two Hours Traffic & Wordburglar

I don't know how things are where you reside, but this has been kind of a dreary week thus far out here, so I know I could use a little mid-week pick me up. And I ask you, what gets the second half of the week cranked up like some fresh video content? Not much in my opinion. First up is Two Hours Traffic's new video for Nighthawks, the 3rd video from their very excellent album Isolator. The video features the most exclusive forest club I've ever seen. Plus there's a dude with a splendid popped collar walking around, and that's always fun. The Ack and I have talked at length about THT here on the hill, and if you aren't familiar with them, I'd suggest you check them out (after enjoying the video of course).

As a bonus I've added a couple songs THT & CBC recorded live at the Horseshoe last summer that the guys are featuring on their site.

Video:: Two Hours Traffic - Nighthawks

MP3:: Two Hours Traffic - Better Sorry Than Safe (Live @ The Horseshoe)
MP3:: Two Hours Traffic - Heatseeker (Live @ The Horseshoe)

Next up, we have Cream Of Wheat from Wordburglar's last release, Burglaritis. It's really quite a stylized outing, shot in Halifax and directed by Sara St. Onge. My favorite scene is the fellas playing NES in fedoras, but also like the poker scene with Ghettosocks & friends (reminds me a bit of Sage Francis playing cards with Buck and them in this one). He also shouts out the classic G.I. Joe helicopter, the Tomahawk, which I may or may not still have in my parents attic, so I enjoy that. Really though, any song with a chorus that includes the line "I used to stay up late, and watch Bleu Nuit, high school dances were on Jeudi" is worth your time.

Video:: Wordburglar - Cream Of Wheat

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At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Whatever's Cool With Me did sayeth:

You know what? I smiled through teh entire video. Shit, that just made me really happy. Thanks!


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