Thursday, January 17, 2008

IDOW:: Opening Night, Italian Style

Ok, this is a fairly straight-forward post. Last week I posted on the upcoming edition of the In The Dead of Winter Festival that's taking place here in Halifax. In that post I said I'd be profiling some of the shows, so we might as well talk about the schedule for the opening night (Wednesday, January 30) show taking place at the Italian Cultural Centre. Pretty impressive show in my humble opinion:

7:00 Songwriter's Circle: Jenn Grant, Peter Katz, Mary Grace Koile
8:00 Sean Kemp
8:30 Jon Brooks
9:30 Rose Cousins
10:30 Dan Ledwell
11:00 i see rowboats

I'll be honest, I don't know much about either Peter Katz (this is worth a read though) or Mary Grace Koile, but I've yet to come across anything Jenn grant was involved with that wasn't enjoyable, so that songwriter's circle should be worth showing up early for. Instead of thunderous slam dunks and illegitimate children, Halifax's Sean Kemp will reign his modern fiddle playing down on the assembled crowd. Yeah, we still get down with the fiddle out here, what about it smart guy? Jon Brooks is someone else I don't know much about, but his latest collection of honest folk songs, Ours And The Shepherds, details all aspects of Canada's war experiences, and it appears to have been warmly received. If you go to this show and don't think Rose Cousins alone is worth the price of admission, I will personally refund the cost of your ticket (note: I will not actually refund the cost of your ticket). Dan Ledwell is the keyboardist for In-Flight Safety and he also has a solo album coming out at the end of the month. As my review for their debut EP indicates, I like what ISR are all about, they'll make a fine capper for a fine evening.

There you have it, should be a great evening. I hope to be there, you should make it if you can.

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MP3:: Peter Katz - Forgiveness
MP3:: Rose Cousins - Pale Love
MP3:: i see rowboats - Mine And Strike

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