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Interviews:: MC Rell of MC Rell & The Houserockers

Recently the Ack I I realized that when we did one of our re-designs a couple years ago, we lost some content that we had organized into seperate blogs. One such piece of content was a an email interview I did with MC Rell of MC Rell & The Houserockers fame. This is one of my favorite interviews for sure (aside alert: golden age mc's, if we mention you on old school mondays or some other section, and you land on the hill after googling yourself, please email us like Rell did. I will absolutely interview you and let you promote whatever it is you're working on. That is all). I also noticed throughout the last week or so, people (or one person at least) have been coming to the site after searching on "MC Rell", and if nothing else, I'm a man who tries to give the people what they want. Enjoy.

You will be happy to know however that Rell happily lives in Tampa Florida. He owns several businesses and has three children of a previous marriage. Rell is constantly being asked to return to music in some capacity and he himself struggles with the prospect of rekindling the fire for his first love. So meanwhile at 36, Rell sits back and enjoys the whimsical antidotes of the "New School" while basking in the yester years of the "Real School". Realizing that fortune without fame is sometimes an easier price to pay M.C. Rell is now "Into the Future".

After reading this update, I thought it would be an excellent idea to interview Rell so the readers of the hill could learn more about the man named Rell. Terrell kindly agreed to answer our questions, so enjoy:

hh: So you're living in Florida now, where are you from originally? I believe it's New York, but where specifically?
Rell: Actually I am originally from Philly but I spent a lot of time in NYC.

hh: How did you get into the game, was there a specific person, or persons, that helped put you on?
Rell: I was at a family reunion when I met the Houserockers in Kershaw South Carolina. The Houserockers had already made a name for themselves in the South as hot dejays. They were blowing it up way before I got on the scene. It just so happened that they were doing my family reunion and it was then that I met Dennis and Mike Izzard. We got talking about samplers and hip hop and stuff like that. Then Dennis asked me if I knew how to do a little something with the mic. The rest is history as they say because we formed a crew right then and cut two demos the next day. We recruited a cat named Dennis Jones to play some keys for us and locked him into the group and we started shopping the demo. The Houserockers had direct contact with a group called the "White Boys" who were from the same area. They sent them the demo to NYC and we got put on. Just like that.

hh: I believe Into The Future spawned a couple videos (Into The Future and Life Of An Entertainer?), what was that experience like? I'm guessing it was different than it is these days. As a sidebar, what do you think of current hip hop videos? Do you think the stereotypical jewellery, cars, and girls videos hurt hip hop or they're just harmless entertainment?
Rell: I think the whole experience of shooting videos and hanging out with people like Big Daddy Kane and Chuck D was awesome to me. I learned a lot from those guys. That time was a blast, no doubt. As far hip hop today I have mixed emotions about it. I like some of the hip hop that's out there but some of it is a little monotonous. I think the bar is a little unrealistic today. The image of driving $200,000 cars and wearing $50,000 watches is a little out there in comparison to when we were out there. I think some artists just copy what the guy before him did. I guess if it sells it's cool but artists today donÂ’t have the staying power that we did back in the day. Labels are looking for multi platinum hits, every time you release and if not, oh well---next!!! I think unfortunately a lot of guys sound so much alike with really nothing substantial to say that it over saturates the market. I would like to hear mainstream play more variety of hip hop than it does today but again some of it is cool.

hh: As far as I know, MC Rell & The Houserockers only released one album, is there a story behind that? Did you record any material after Into The Future?
Rell: Actually another album was produced but never released. I started hitting the studio with Big Will (Will Smith) but we got a little disconnected when he moved to Cali from Philly. Time went on and the material got a little dated so it was never released.

hh: It sounds like you've built a successful life for yourself away from hip hop, but you ever wish you had stayed in the game? If you had stayed in hip hop, where do you think you would be now?
Rell: I think MC Rell and the Houserockers would right now be a household name. When I walked away from Polygram, I was told that we were one video away from the light. But I couldn't take the politics of my management and label. As a side note, beware of Palmtreee Enterprises-big time thieves!

hh: You mentioned that you're asked quite often to return to music, do you still have friends in the music biz? What kinds of things do they ask you to do? Do you think you'll ever return to music at some point in any capacity?
Rell: Actually DJ EFX and I are talking about putting together a new indie label and trying to put some quality back into the product. He lives in Atlanta now and his son will probably be our first project. So be on the look out for "Georgia Boy" coming out real soon. But I am looking at returning on the production/distribution advantage point. I still flow freestyle some time but I donÂ’t live it like I used to. Also, I feel like I can bring more to the table by helping artist establish a career. Too many cats make records but fail to make a career out of it because they are not taught how to approach the game. I should know because I was one of them.

hh: As a participant in what I still call the "Golden Age of Hip Hop" because there is no better way to describe it, how do you feel about hip hop today? Do you think it's better, worse, or it's tough to compare? Where do you see hip hop going, do you think people will look back as fondly on the current generation of hip hop artists like so many of us do with artists like yourself?
Rell: I see hip hop coming back to a more realistic state once the people get exhausted on the bling era. It's a little hard to compete right now without some almost naked video chicks and a simple hook and track ideology. But I see that evolving as music always does. I don't think it will come back to the super conscience days of Public Enemy or anything like that. But I think that a little more content will be exposed. Hip hop provides a unique opportunity to deliver a message along with the entertaining aspect of it. It was built on that concept.

hh: Anything else you'd like people to know about MC Rell?

Rell: Just for people to know that they have not heard the last of me and my head will pop up at some point and time.

MP3:: MC Rell & The Houerockers - Into The Future

MP3:: MC Rell & The Houerockers - Life Of An Entertainer

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You need to elaborate on that comment. "The real rakim"
WTF does that mean?


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yo , i was listening 2 his album and decided 2 Google him and it took me here. good to see he is still around. Into the Future was the very first album my mother bought me when i got my first cassette Walkman. all because of that record " something about it" he ripped that beat before Kane.


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was on the same label back in the days.Kool Chip Live-facebook


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