Monday, January 14, 2008

Old School Mondays:: LL Cool J & Lakim Shabazz

Last week I mentioned that I wasn't able to come up with a song to salute Herohill associate T-Box and his Jacksonville Jaguars. Well I hadn't forgot about it, but I still didn't have much of an idea. However, considering the Jags put up a valiant effort against the all-powerful Patriots this past Saturday, I wanted to send them out with some kind of a tribute. The only thing I could think of was LL's Walking With A Panther. After all, Panthers and Jaguars are pretty closely related. Well I think they are, but who knows, but whatever, it serves my purpose. From that album I went with the classic party jam Jingling Baby, or rather the Marley Marl remix, Jingling Baby (Remixed But Still Jingling).

I needed something to pair this song with, so I was checking out some of the samples it uses, when I hit the jackpot. Turns out Jingling Baby samples the Theme from Black Belt Jones by Dennis Coffey, which is excellent. The only other song I could find that also uses this sample is Sample The Dope Noise by Flavour Unit vet Lakim Shabazz. It's a solid jam, but to be honest, any day I get to write Lakim Shabazz is a good day.

MP3:: LL Cool J - Jingling Baby (Remixed But Still Jingling)
I'm not sure how other people feel about this song, but I love it. As I said, this was originally on LL's Walking With A Panther album, which kind of got deuced on by the critics, but the lyrics on the remix are great, so many notable quotables. "I'm top-notch, you're playin' hop-scotch", "Now you look booty like that bum Miss Givins", "Takin' out suckers while the ladies pucker, and rollin' over punks like a redneck trucker", etc. and so on. Beyond the the lyrics, his cadence is tremendous. These days people forget that there's actually a skill to MC-ing, LL shows the kids how it's done. The video below is also certainly worth a watch, I could discuss it for days. But as an aside, if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas next year, the matching yellow leather kangol and long-sleeve t-shirt combo is sporting in the video would do nicely.

MP3:: Lakim Shabazz - Sample The Dope Noise
I'm not gonna front and pretend that I remember this song from back in the day. I did like Lakim Shabazz back in the day, but that was due to Pure Righteousness, a song he had a video for that I enjoyed a great deal. I was always on the lookout for this album because of that jam. Well that and the fact that Lakim rocked a fez. Seriously, anyone rapping in a fez is worthy of your respect. This is a solid jam though, the 45 King produced bear freaks the uptempo Black Belt Jones drums, and a cool vocal sample that runs throughout the song. Lakim can flow, and his monotone vocals are cranked up a notch on this one. If you aren't familiar with Lakim, check this one out.

Video:: LL Cool J - Jingling Baby

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