Old School Mondays:: Redman & The Beastie Boys

As the old saying goes, to the victor go the spoils, and in this case the spoils are rather underwhelming, simply a kudos from yours truly to honorary herohillian Thomas "T-Box" Dreher II for the hard fought victory his beloved Jaguars earned over the Steelers. As you might know if you are a regular here on the hill, the Ack loves the Steelers long time, so Saturday night's Wildcard showdown at Heinz field was somewhat of a grudge match here on the hill, with a bit of the smack talk being engaged in last week. Of course my beloved Saints were up & down more than Reggie Bush's new fiancee in that video with Brandy's brother this year, so I was left as an impartial observer despite repeated attempts to have me choose a side.

The Jaguars prevailed 31-29 in a hairy contest that featured the Steelers coming back from 18 down to take the lead, only to have David Garrard burn them with a huge 4th down run to enable the Jags to retake the lead with less than a minute left. The Steelers had a shot to get into field goal posish, but Big Ben took a sacking and a fumbling, and it was a done deal. Certainly a tough loss for the Steelers and their insanely passionate fans, but certainly a big up is due to the Jags for gutting that one out. Congrats T-Box, I am %100 behind the Jags in their attempt to upset those cocky cheating bastards this weekend.

In the spirit of impartialness, I was planning to have one song to help cheer up the Ack, and one song to help T-Box savour his victory, but I have no idea what old songs T enjoys and surprisingly, my collection of Miami Bass songs is rather small and/or non-existent. So I will consult with T to get him a song up here next week, so for now we have two jams to help the Ack drown his sorrows in golden age goodness. We're leading off with Ack's request, Redman's absolute classic Time 4 Sum Aksion, and for seconds we have the Soul Assassin remix of So Whatcha Want by the Ack's all-time faves the Beasties, which features a B-Real cameo to tie in with the first song.

MP3:: Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion
I've already written a novella as an intro, so I'm going to keep the song commentary short this week. Or at least attempt to. Besides, this song is plain awesomeness, it needs barely and talking up. For those not in the know, this song is from Redman's debut, Whut? Thee Album which was released in 1992 and was produced entirely by Redman and his EPMD mentor, Erick Sermon. This song features Erick Sermon's trademark huge, pounding drums, more samples than you can shake a bee-hive smacking stick at (including the main sample B-Real's "Time for sum action!" from How I Could Just Kill A Man which is perhaps one of the most effective and addictive samples ever), and is a perfect example of why I'll always consider Redman one of the hungriest rhymers in the biz. Seriously, he goes off hooker/clothes style, he sounds like he's rhyming for food after a seven day fast. This was on the warmup tape for our High School hoops team, and I think the Ack & I both still get hyped when we hear it. I know I wanted the Ack to toss me an oop so I could try and one hand tip jam it when I was listening to it this AM.

MP3:: Beastie Boys f. B-Real - So Whatcha Want (Soul Assassin Remix)
The Ack loves the Beasties, that is pretty much a constant with him, so hopefully he'll enjoy their first appearance on Old School Mondays. I'll freely admit I wasn't a huge fan of the B-boys back in the day (I sided with Serch in their brief, yet unspectacular beef), but I'll also admit that I changed my opinion of them later on (pretty much had to if I was going to remain friends with Ack and fellow herohill originator Shawn Lapaix) and consider myself a pretty big fan now. This song was the second single from the Beastie's seminal Check Your Head which also dropped in 1992. But as I said, this is a remix done by DJ Muggs which also features B-Real kicking a final verse. The beat is a little funkier and laid back than the original, but it's great all around, so enjoy.

Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion

Video:: Beastie Boys f. B-Real - So Whatcha Want (Soul Assasin Remix)

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