Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reviews:: Meredith Luce October

Meredith Luce is the type of artist that can warm your heart. I'm at a work conference in Mexico, surrounded by tech geeks (admittedly, I'm one of them) that manage to take the human element out a place built to help people relax and unwind, but luckily Meredith's beautiful voice is floating from my speakers and out onto my private deck.

Heading Out, the album opener, is as uplifting as the breeze off the Pacific. Sure, on the outside it's just a simple finger picked folk song but her voice adds that extra breath of life. She continues to impress on Sing Me Back Home, a track that takes everyone on a path to their childhood. As traditional as that sounds she adds nice male harmonies and a Hotel Lights spacey back drop (courtesy of producer/multi-instrumentalist Dave Draves).

And that's exactly why this record is so refreshing. Luce shows a lot of diversity especially with elements like the country fried electric jangle of Needle in the Groove. The song really crackles, freshening up the folk vibe she crafted on the opening numbers (and that continues of tracks like Never Stop Loving You). Luce writes songs you just want to sing along with. You could pick almost any track and imagine another artist paying her tribute with a nice cover tossed into a set (especially Never Stop Loving You), but by no means is her style generic.

Her smooth falsetto and tendency to wander on her electric really make for a nice listen but tracks like the organ heavy, carnival old timey camp of Black Cats and the small town feel of Tess make sure you never become complacent. Sure she hits you with great folk numbers, like the adorable album closer Count on Me (where Dave's backing vocals really take on a Jack Johnson feel), but she never allows you to get bored.

Although this record is hitting home with me now (especially since I'm on a beach), it's tailor made for summer porches or late fall sunsets. But regardless of when you listen, October has a song for everyone. And that's probably the most important thing I can say.

[MP3]:: October
[MP3]:: Big City Girl - live
Also - IHM linked up her nice CBC2 session. So go check that out.

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