Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reviews:: Silversun Pickups Remix

It's really hard to fault the Silversun Pickups for putting out a remix EP. I mean, over the last two years, they've essentially toured the shit out of a terrific full length / EP and out grown every venue they've played. They went from a local LA band to a radio ready, rock act that bloggers, casual music fans and MTV-ers could all agree on.

But, to be completely honest when I got a copy of their ITunes only EP I groaned a bit. I am pretty sure some blips and bleeps aren't going to make Lazy Eye any better, mainly because it's already a great song. So if you are pessimist, you might think this is a cash grab, but for fans of the band it's really a solid set of remixes.

Silversun Pickups went about this the right way. They got some big names (Jimmy Tamborello, The One AM Radio, Brian LeBarton) and really let them have fun with the songs. I'm set firmly in the camp of a remix is almost never better than the original, but I do appreciate mixes that totally treat the structure of the song as a simple starting point.

For most of the remixes, the starting point is making sure Brian's vocal intensity shines through. Whether it's over the forced restrain of Tamborello's accordion mix, Jason Bentley's decision to add a house beat over the familiar guitars or LeBarton going blip hop over the guitars the remixes of Lazy Eye really work. I've seen some people hating on this EP, but I'm not really sure why.

Sure, they might be as great as the Silversun's original but I think the slow, intense build of LeBarton's version or The One AM Radio's ambitious take on Little Lovers So Polite (the beat works and the angelic harmonies and strings sound nice) are a good addition to the band's catalog.

If nothing else, this will give fans something new to enjoy while the band tries to comeback with another fantastic record and decompress after two crazy years.
[MP3]:: Lazy Eye - Brian LeBarton mix

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