Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Fall Horsie

Sometimes when the sun hits the water in English Bay, I can't help but miss Nova Scotia. Whether it was mornings downtown for simple things like breakfast with friends or a quiet drive out of Halifax towards the beach, the gentle rays of sun that warmed the city made you want to get up and go.

But somehow I always moved at a pace that never felt rushed. Granted, I'm older now and responsibilities have a way of making the negatives rush towards you, but on days like today those responsibilities take a back seat. That's the feeling I get listening to Fall Horsie (aka Justin Karas).

Graceful, gentle folk melodies that billow upon each other like clouds. Like many song writers of our generation, he's influenced by the likes of Sufjan and Elliott Smith (the ear pleasing banjo/acoustic melody on Wings/Iceskates and the familiar squeak of the fretboard on Greeting Cards Turned Seagull's Swoop for example), but Karas has the talent and diversity to stand clear of these comparisons.

Greeting Cards Turned Seagull's Swoop uses some subtle looping and drum machine percussion to balance his guitar, but more importantly, you never get run over by Karas demons or emotions. His music never sounds like an outpouring of heavy emotion, more like a simple description of his life as told by an optimist. He slips easily into more traditional folk on tracks like The Great Ice Storm, and his voice expands as he uses a more "freak-folk" warble, but its the addition of an almost rag time piano part and subtle piano to contrast the intimate nature of the song.

Fall Horsie - according to the ole myspace - is ramping up for a new record and seems to be growing into a full band project. While I love the intimacy of the tracks on his first EP (Fireworks is a fantastic portrayal of a lonely man moving on) and realize the potential, two years of playing and finding his voice and style makes this band one to keep your eye on.
MP3:: Fireworks


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