Sunday Morning Coffee:: Two Minute Miracles

I was going to feature East Van's Bison here this morning, as they've owned the city lately and their heavy riffage sums up my anger over last night's Steeler loss, but I'll go with something a bit more shake the cobweb friendly. Two-Minute Miracles are one of the most ear pleasing acts in Canada and if they were a bit more prolific, they'd be huge.

Led by the frontman with the best beard in rock n' roll (J. Andrew Magoffin), Two-Minute Miracles write songs that bore into your head and one listen to The Minus Ball proves it. The song is a new twist on love, with Magoffin singing about how much he loves his hometown of London (Ontario), and why isn't ready to leave. The song is insanely catchy; a nice banjo line, sound effects and drums, but the elements fit together nicely and no texture ever seems superfluous.

The new record - The Lions of Love - is a bit less country and more fuzzed out pop than previous efforts, but it's incredibly enjoyable. The quintet almost makes it seem too easy. Horns, distorted acoustic work... it warms your heart on a Sunday morning.

MP3:: The Minus Ball
MP3:: In a Good Light

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Plus - here's something interesting. It's a clip of J Tillman covering Oh, Sister with David Bazan on drums and a violin player. New Year's resolution? See Tillman play with a band at some point this year.
MP3:: Oh, Sister

@ 9:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous kicked the following game:

Nice tunes.. In a good light is really nice.. His voice is sort of a John Wozniak / Jim Bryson hybrid.


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