Monday, February 11, 2008

Between the covers:: The Choir Practice vs. The New Pornographers

It's been forever since I revisited my regular Monday feature of comparing covers and originals. The reason I'm bringing it back is that this Wednesday is going to be a great night. Halifax darling Jenn Grant is in town playing shows with Hayden, and if that wasn't good enough for you I will point you to this tidbit of great news.

Jenn is sticking around an extra day to play a little show with Vancouver's indie rock choir, The Choir Practice. The Choir Practice is essentially your high school choir, if you went to high school at that school they used in Fame. Luckily, instead of Leroy and Danny Amatulla the Choir Practice consists of vets from the Vancouver indie scene.

The band was formed by Coco Culbertson (she of The Gay and more notably for you indie kids, AC Newman), but she quickly recruited friends to fill out the sound. Former/part-time/current members include people from Fanshaw, 'Hello, Blue Roses', Buttless Chaps, New Prons, Great Aunt Ida and Blood Meridian. If you have any idea about the Vancouver scene, that pretty well is the who's who, but the choir also includes designers, artists and karaoke fiends.

Long story short, they sound fantastic and actually just crushed the anthem before a Canucks game. Take that Carl Lewis. So, the cover challenge? It seems fitting, but The Choir Practice has a great version of the New Prons Failsafe for your enjoyment. The choral arrangement is terrific, so I encourage you all to listen.

[MP3]:: Failsafe - The Choir Practice

[MP3]:: Failsafe - New Pornographers

Anyway, the show is Wednesday night @ Canopy Sound Studios and it fixes to be a great event and it's only $5.


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