Hump day:: The Republic Tigers, Sunny Day Sets Fire, Bayard Russell

It's hump day… sadly, it's not humpty hump day. Nic leaves for two weeks tomorrow to take photos in a small Cuban village while I get to sit in cold and/or rainy Vancouver. That is more shady deal than Marion and Bank's huge shouldered contract for an injured Shaq.

Note:: It will be awesome if the Suns use Shaq to stop Kobe from winning. Why? Guilty or not, Kobe is a huge grease ball and I love that after all his demands he hasn't one a title without another superstar.

Anyway, I tried to get a review of the new Ladyhawk, but finding the words to describe it is really challenging (quick synopsis… yes, it's very good so I want to get it right). Instead, I'm going to try to clean off my listening pile with a few quick thoughts about some of the releases that came our way that normally might have gone by unnoticed:

Republic Tigers - EP
This little four song EP is probably enough to let you decide if you love or hate this band. The opening track, Buildings & Mountains, is a nice combination of 70's harmonies, acoustic and spacey electro swirls. It's catchy, and rather inoffensive (said without passing judgment).

The Kansas City band is happy to wear some Eno influence on their sleeves, but overall the four songs are melodic and they really works well together (the harmonies on Sinkin' Annie, Down, Down, Down, Down). The pulse of The Drums is nice as well. It's not going to blow you mind, but chances are if you like indie rock and aren't a complete music snob you will at least enjoy some moments on this introductory EP.
[MP3]:: Buildings & Mountains


Sunny Day Sets Fire - Stranger Remix EP
British band rich in 60's harmonies and psychedelic pop getting the hottest people in electroindie rock to mix up their jams? To most people, much like the SSPUs remix EP, this will reek of a cash grab but to be fair, the majority of the record is remixes of a new song - Stranger - and is more like an appetizer for the new record due out this year.

People like CSS, Spankrock, Diplo and the Cool Kids are present and accounted for, so I would imagine this EP will be showing up where ever tight jeans and bad hair hang out (American Apparel). For the most part, the remixes aren't all that adventurous, but XXXChange at least opts to take some chances.

The Cool Kids effort is pretty interesting. It sounds like they are playing one of those old drums pads and using the mixer sound effects but hey, right now they could just stand there and people would freak out.
[MP3]:: Stranger

web site

Bayard Russell - Selftitled
Bedroom pop. That is really all I would need to say about this record, but I'll go on. Russell wrote these songs in 2006, and was clearly influenced by Postal Service as his bedroom tracks are often held together by programming (I Will Chase You) and the gentle strum of an acoustic.

There are smatterings or piano and noise makers that round out the sound, but I find his songs most appealing when he keeps it simple (like A Candle That's Burning). Overall, this record is okay - lots of pleasant nuances and melodies (I really dig the piano driven City Lights) - but not something I'll reach for over and over again.
[MP3]:: Living at My Moms

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@ 10:36 PM, Anonymous matthew kicked the following game:

Woah...I'm writing a review of Bayard Russell at this very moment, and I'm having exactly the same reaction. Stop reading my thoughts!


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