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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Krs-One:: The Blastmaster

Yesterday Passion of the Weiss talked about the old skool hip-hop doc Rhyme & Reason and he mentioned he was not feeling much of Krs-One's catalog. My reply was.."ah waaaaaa?" This isn't a post attacking Jeff, because he brings a lot of good old skool hip hop to the table. I honestly just can't believe he isn't into the blast master. While I agree with Weiss in the fact KRS-One is a blow hard, I give him a lifetime pass. So in an effort to sway any doubters, here are three classics:

[MP3]:: Sound of the Police
My Philosophy

I wish I had here at the office, but the standout is the youtube clip I linked below. This opens and shuts any case against those who don't think he had skills. Shane said it best on this one when we launched the Old School Monday section:
Taken from the BDP Live Hardcore Wordwide album, this version of the classic Still #1 is my original hip hop goosebumps song. Usually live hip hop albums are not in the stellar category, but that is because modern hip hop shows have become one MC with 3 hype men all talking into the mic at the same time and making it impossible to hear anything. This album featured KRS in his prime mainly killing things on stage solo, with the crowd absolutely going bon-kares.
Simply put, he just crushes it... "get off the tip, or get off the many tips." Classic. Hopefully this will make people reconsider.

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