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...that's what they call meConfession time. The hill's editor, Old Man Acker is likely going to bust my chops for this, but this post was intended to be a review of In-Flight Safety member Daniel Ledwell's excellent new album, 2 Over 7. But I played basketball last night, and when I got home I was too tired to give the album the attention it deserves. But don't worry, the review will be up tomorrow (and if for some reason you will be without internet access tomorrow, I'll give the theme for the review: Dan's album is excellent, buy it).

So instead I thought I'd recap the Nova Scotia content in the list of Juno nominees that was announced yesterday. If You're thinking this post is essentially a reason to work the title of Bobby Brown's seminal 1989 remix album into a post about Canada's music awards, you may or may not be correct. At least I didn't go the easy route and mention a certain movie that stars a spunky, Oscar nominated actress from Halifax. Anyway, to the nominees.

Joel Plaskett is nominated in the Songwriter of the Year category for three of the songs off of Ashtray Rock. Kind of a shame Joel didn't get more than one nomination, as I thought this was a great album, but you could do worse than songwriter of the year I suppose. Jill Barber is nominated in the roots traditional category, although I don't really know what that means. Classified's single Fall From Paradise from his unreleased/B side collection While You Were Sleeping is nominated for rap record of the year. Wintersleep had a big year after the release of their excellent Welcome To The Night Sky, so it's nice to see them rewarded with two nominations (Alternative Album and New Artist of the Year - it's their third album, but hey, welcome to the Junos!). NS-affiliated electro rockers Holy Fuck are also nominated in the Alternative category, along with Polaris winner Patrick Watson and some group called The Arcade Fire. Won't be easy for Wintersleep to pull that one out, but here's hoping.

I nominated DJ and producer extraordinaire Skratch Bastid for i (heart) music's most recent list of hottest Canadian bands. No doubt I was the only person to do so, but I consider myself vindicated with the Bastid's nomination for Producer of the year. I also nominated Springhill's Anne Murray for that list, so it was good to see her honoured with a nomination in the Pop Album category (*note: I did not actually nominate Anne Murray for the list, despite her hotness). And have you heard of this Feist? She scored a whopping five nominations. Did you also know she was born in Amherst, Nova Scotia? It's true friend, my wife and Wiki will both let you know. It's pretty obvious when you think about it, considering her hit song Mushaboom is named for the town of Mushaboom.

So there you go, some solid NS content for the Junos. Not that I put much stock in the Juno's mind you, but I have to think a win boosts your profile on a national level. I realize that the ECMA's are taking place this weekend in Fredericton, and I have yet to discuss them, but I'll try and remedy that this weekend in the form of a preview or recap, depending on when I get to it. For now, here are a few songs from the nominees. Oh, and also Bobby Brown's On Our Own from the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack because Bobby was, at one time, awesome.

MP3:: Wintersleep - Drunk On Aluminum
MP3:: Classified - Fall From Paradise
MP3:: Feist - Mushaboom (k-os Mix)
MP3:: Bobby Brown - On Our Own

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