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Monday, February 11, 2008

Old School Mondays:: BDP & KRS-One

All right, today's edition of our ode to the old school features the Blastmaster, KRS-One, and his original group Boogie Down Productions. My reasons for this are two-fold, first, as Ack mentioned on the hill last week, KRS was called overrated by a the writer of a blog both the Ack and I read and enjoy (The Passion of the Weiss). In fact he was called "wildy overrated", which the Ack and I thought was a bit of the ole wild exageration. His main point was actually that KRS is incredibly annoying, which I can't disagree with in any way, but the overrated bit just takes things way too far. I mean really, can you describe someone as crucial to the history of hip hop as KRS as overrated? And even forgetting about his historical status, KRS is simply an awesome MC whose rugged flow is instantly recognizable.

The second reason for profiling KRS is related to my favorite KRS anecdote, his pushing the large gentleman from PM Dawn off the stage (although this amazing post indicates that it was actually Just-Ice who pushed him off the stage on KRS' behalf, which, in reality, is almost as awesome). Anyway, I mentioned this story in a post I wrote a while ago about Z-Ro, who used the PM Dawn/Spandau Ballet, Set Adrift On Memory Bliss beat for one of his songs. This was truly a throw-away post where I tried to be a little humourous, but it is without a doubt the post I've been villified for the most. There have been seven comments on the post since it went up, which is a huge number for this site, and in fact the latest one was made today by someone called "iM A SOLDIER", and the nicest bit he said was this tidbit: "U a Faggot cus you cuaght them beats right away U must be a white folk fo' hatin' on the realest and bests rapper alive." Guilty as charged! Well, on the being white folk bit, I'm not actually homosexual, not that there's any...well you know. There's goes another reference revealing my crackerness.

Anyway, I just think it's funny that I continue getting dissed on that post, but on to the songs. Up first we have You Must Learn from Ghetto Music - The Blueprint of Hiphop, as it's one of my favorites, and I think it's one of the finest examples of the teacha being the teacha. Ya Know The Rules from Edutainment is up next and of course you get some knowledge on this one too, but better yet you get KRS killing it over an awesome D-Nice produced beat. As a special bonus, I'm including the live, freestyle version of Still #1 that Ack mentioned the other day, it's quite simply the best.

MP3:: BDP - You Must Learn
MP3:: BDP - Ya Know the Rules
MP3:: BDP - Still #1 (Freestyle)

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