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Reviews:: The Gets Sets Ready Set Go EP

So, I'll continue on my discussions of Canadian bands that broke up after creating an enjoyable record in 2006. This time around it's The Get Sets from Montreal. I stumbled upon their EP - Ready Set Go - and was writing up my review without knowing any of the details. Having never heard of the band or knowing when the EP was released, I visited their myspace and in the small print was a disclaimer that the band broke up.

Obviously I am on the cutting edge of the Canadian music scene.

So instead of scampering around to find a suitable replacement, I figure it's better to just talk about this band as obviously no one else did. The Gets Sets are a three-piece band, and their songs are the equivalent of that mining car Indy rode in Temple of Doom. You keep expecting them to fly off the rails, but somehow they always manages to grip the track, teetering on two wheels but consistently entertaining you.

The songs are somewhat sloppy, but in a great way. The recording makes you feel like it might have been caught on a tape from the next room over, but the riffs and boy/girl vocals are hard to ignore. Paul Jantzi's voice has the amiable baritone that fans of Mr. Merritt will love, and works well with Shira's husky (think a more fun loving Portico or shades of Julie Doiron) vocal style. The EP starts with a bang - I Know - and right away the guitar grabs you. The drums are almost hidden at points and the songs uses a three part harmony on the chorus that manages to still sound rough and gritty. You settle into a head nod and it continues for most of the record.

One Sneaker is another crunchy number, with Paul and Shira sharing vocals over some nice 50's influenced sounds. The melody doesn't so much evolve as it stretches the boundaries of structure. The drums get louder, the vocals grow and the chaos that builds as the song ends is terrific. That peak continues on Shira's heavy, quick hitting Clues. The song crackles, high in energy and the band leaves the rough edges in which really helps. Rolling Down comes off as almost summery (ska/reggae influenced) and the truncated guitar gives lots of space for Paul's vocals to roam.

The only stumble for me is the joke gone too far Thai Food. The silly song kind of brings down the flow and energy of the record, but 6 of 7 ain't bad. I could have saved a lot of these words and just said that the EP is super fun. What else needs to be said?

[MP3]:: One Sneaker
[MP3]:: I Know

So in a where are the now summation, I'm hoping to get a copy of their new project - The Milwaukee's Best Band - and get a review up for you soon. It's a huge super group (in terms of size) made up of something like 10 friends and the lead single is very, very intriguing.

myspace :: label

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Memo to self: get Milwaukee's Best Band album, write about it before Herohill...


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