Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reviews:: Kara Keith EP

Kara Keith's song writing is incredibly unique and with any form of unique art, people will be divided on the results. For me, I really enjoy Keith's latest solo effort. Everything from the amazing CD packaging to the banging show tune piano line that opens Gorgeous Gets the Gold makes you want to dive in. The harmonies are theatrical (in a good way) but completely rock solid, and the minimal tones that accompany them are exciting.

So what's the problem? Well, three lines in, Keith utters that "little junior baby loves tits."

I will fully admit I was caught off guard, and despite the instant appeal of the opener - the horned crescendo to end the track and the gleeful piano work so well - it's that line that sticks in your head. Is it for everyone? Probably not, but it definitely makes you take notice.

Kick this City jumps into a much fuller sound; driving guitars, crashing drums, synths and more harmonies. The riff is catchy as hell and I don't think you could hear the song and not start nodding along. The band keeps the energy up on the chaotic Get Up and Go Go, but again, Keith shocks you by admitting she wants to "lick your semen". After the initial, "ah... what?", you settle into the echoing synths, electric riffs and more nice horn work.

Keith's song writing really mirrors quirky literature that explores sexuality as a undercurrent. While the shocking rawness might not be comfortable for the common listener, the fact most authors revisit the subject matter so often indicates it will find an appreciative audience. Plus, it's packaged in such appealing sounds that after the first or second listen those lyrics floats by almost unnoticed.

And that's why this EP works. Although Keith introduces some graphic images, she doesn't rely on them. Unlike "that girl" who constantly tries to out-crass the guys, Keith opens tiny windows of sexuality but closes them just as fast. You don't get a full handle on who she is, and as a result you want to know more. What other secrets is she hiding?

Keith and the Cop Outs slow things down on Dirty Girl. Ironically, this track doesn't present the imagery of the other tracks, and it settles into a nice piano line. Her vocals are a bit more smoke filled at times, almost she's playing another character. The quick hitting EP ends with the dark piano number, Knosses. Some cymbal washes and the occasional musical flourish are all that accompany Keith's piano and vocals, leaving her emotions exposed for all to see.

I'm honestly not sure where this EP is going to end up in the long run. It will certainly shock as many people as it impresses on first listen, but you won't be able to ignore it. And as you spend more time with it, I think it will grab a hold of you. Basically, that's what an EP is supposed to do.
[MP3]:: Kick this City

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