Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Ben Kamen

A special treat for this Sunday's entry. Ben Kamen is a musician that plays music simply because he loves to play. While that might sound like something every musician can say, sadly, more people play for other factors (sex, money, fame...  you know, those things). 
So when I got the email talking about the new release, well, it moved to the top of the post list (sorry Vancougar, next week I promise).

No, Kamen writes songs for an audience of one, challenging himself to get better and this EP is another big step. He is experimenting with new instrumentation and the subtleties he adds to the spare arrangements are surprising and very enjoyable.

Kamen's new EP - Dreams - is a mere 5 songs, but has the weight of the world resting on it. The songs ache with emotion, and the squeak of his fingers sliding across the frets and the atmospheric touches really cement the sadness. The songs seem more like an outlet than anything else, as if Kamen simply needs to get the emotion of his chest before it crushes him. These aren't the type of songs you simply shrug of when the notes echo in your headphones. The raw and powerful waves of emotion make you stop and take notice.

The EP is free for the download, but he's made a limited edition set of 100 3" CDs with handmade covers for those interested. I've linked up my favorite track - Devoted to Change - a beautiful, heavy  duet with Karrie Hopper, but encourage everyone to head over and check out the whole EP.

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