Thursday, February 7, 2008

Word on the Beat:: Joe Whyte vs. Tom Waits

Another stellar contribution to the project, this time courtesy of Americana up-and-comer Joe Whyte. Whyte's record - Devil in the Details - is terrific. It's a collection of honest, polished roots that could be getting played on radio stations all over North America.

Whyte agreed to do a Word on the Beat submission and the result... well it's one of my favorite Tom Waits songs ever. It works out perfectly, as my good friend Pete turns 30 and Waits was one of the first artists we bonded over (the other being Jawbreaker). Happy bday Pete, enjoy the song.

Whyte transforms Waits gravely stand-up bass bounce into a lo-fi smooth bedroom recording and it's a great listen. The crackle and hiss of the recording really add to the intimacy of the song, and Joe's voice sounds great. He doesn't fall into the trap of trying to imitate Waits, instead opting to simply tip his cap to the man.

[MP3]:: Long Way Home - Joe Whyte
[MP3]:: Long Way Home - Tom Waits

[Review]:: Devil in the Details

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