Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cleaning out the review pile:: Peasant & The Wombats

Peasant - On the Ground
Damien Derose is more than the sum of his parts. Guy + guitar + floating folk melodies is an equation that has been tried far too many times, but it's surprisingly easy to embrace this record. His vocals are light and the comfort of the double tracked falsettos really thickens the songs and lets the images dance around your headphones. The guitar work is understated, but well done. He creates floating, dreamy textures and you can easily settle into his magical world.

Everyone wants to be the next Elliott Smith and run you over with an onslaught of emotion, and artists forget that Smith's pain was real. He wasn't writing tragic, depressing songs because he thought people would be into them. That pain was who he was and that's why people can relate to his music. And while Smith is obviously an influence - Exposure for example - these songs are much lighter. Derose may open up to you, but his problems aren't the kind that rip your insides apart and it's that bit of sugar that makes the medicine go down so easy.
Stand out tracks: Not Your Savior and Fine is Fine
[MP3]:: The Wind


The Wombats EP
Really - this is the type of EP I normally get in the mail and simply put in the "I'll listen to this later" pile located at the bottom of my garbage can. Really, I'm not into much of the punk fused indie rock that tends to migrate here from the other side of the pond. The thing is, this little EP is a solid listen. The single - Kill the Director - is full of oohs and ahhs, guitars and shout/sung lyrics. All in all, it's a catchy track.

For fans of the band, the EP is a collection of tracks you will be familiar with; the bouncing bass line of Moving to New York and the disco infused hook of Backfire of the Disco or the plink-o rhythm of Little Miss Pipedream. But if you are new to the band, I can honestly say that this little EP is a good jump start to your day. I'm not the type of music listener that would ever hunt out bands that would fit this mold, but I was able to enjoy the EP from start to finish. Plus, the CSS remix of Kill the Director is well worth the price of admission.
[MP3]:: Kill the Director


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