Monday, March 31, 2008

Old School Mondays:: Tycie & Woody & Mr. Lee (Rap-House Edition!)

I kind of cheated last week in my Cadence Weapon post. I mentioned rap-house a couple times (Sure, it might acutually be called hip-house, but rap-house is funner to write/say) in relation to Cadence's use of very dance-heavy beats. I also made a reference to Tycie & Woody, a little-remembered duo from the early 90's that had a minor hit with their song The Rhythm's Going To Get You. This isn't a house song really, just an uptempo dance-rap song, but it was a funny reference I thought, and that's what counts.

So I dug through the crates, found my copy of Tycie & Woody's self titled album, and worked some un-impressive magic to get The Rhythm's Gonna Get You into mp3 format for us all to hear. That being said, if anyone actually does listen to it, I'm afraid quality complaints will fall on deaf ears. It's from a tape, and it's pretty much as good as I can get it.

Looking at this album again, I have no idea why I would buy this. I mean sure, the song is catchy, but man, Tycie and Woody are looking like extras from Sprockets with some tight black unitards and are vogueing it out with some solid poses. I know nothing about them, and inspector Google has nothing for me on them, so they might be from Germany or something, and that would explain the getups. Although it was from 1992, and this kind of gear was considered tres chic (c'maaan, I know you had those black shoes with the silver toe plates!). Other than this song, I remember nothing about the album, but the fact I bought it makes me laugh. Oh well, I chalk up album purchases like this up to being desperate for new music in this time period. Well either that or lameness.

Anyway, I've paired it with a classic, classic rap-house jam, Mr. Lee's Get Busy. And yes, I have this on cassette also, so I guess I might've been a bigger rap/hip-house fan than I let on. But who doesn't like Mr. Lee? He also say something like "rap-house is my invention/intention" on this song, so I feel vindicated calling it that. Enjoy.

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At 3:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Get Busy is one of the all time classic junior high jams...or any dance jam for that matter.

I also enjoyed his lesser known hit "Work Your Body". ANother great song...after that all he has are remixes of "Get Busy".



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