Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quick hitters:: The Coast

Herohill has been a fan of the Toront-anglophile band The Coast for a long time. We featured them on the hottest bands of Ontario mix as well as a nice review of their self-titled EP. At the time I was impressed by the consistency of the record and how the anthems shimmered and I think they displayed the potential to be huge.

So what are they up to now? Well, April 1st marks the release of their new record - Expatriate - and Exclaim! is debuting a song called Tightrope which shows a marked shift for the band. The song surges, bubbling over with great synth work and dueling jangled guitar. If this song is any indication to where the band is going, buckle in and enjoy the rocketship ride fellas.

And as I scoured the good blog world this morning I saw Chromewaves has a new song - Nueva York - from their upcoming release as well, so I encourage you all to head there.

The Coast play the Media Club on April 1st. Here's an oldie but a goodie to hold you over until the release.

[MP3]:: Circles
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