Monday, March 24, 2008

Quick-hitters:: John Jerome and the Great 88

We wanted to have the New Brunswick mix tape primed, sanded, and finished today, but we have a few songs that we are still anxiously waiting for. So instead, we are going to whet your NB appetite with yet another preview of the great acts we have stumbled on.

John Jerome and the Great 88 is a two-piece so nice you'd wear it on the first day of beach season. Behind the song writing of John Jerome and Julie Robichaud, the songs are use electric guitar, piano and boy/girl vocals. While that sounds as common as a cold, John Jerome and the Great 88's songs are bubbling with potential.

Never Put Out on the First Date, their three song, DIY EP is a concise seven minutes, but the three songs really move. To Relate is a bouncy blues piano/guitar number that is bolstered by how well Julie and John's vocals mesh together and grabs a hold of you on the first listen..

I Want to Be Your Man and Toute Nue are both more slinky tracks, driven by John's vocals and Julie's classical piano. The duo uses nice crescendos to make the sound feel thicker than should be possible for such spare arrangements. All in all, this seven-minutes is worth checking out.


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