Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick hitters:: Michael Rault

Edmonton's Michael Rault is kind of a throwback. In 2006 he released a song mini CD with his band, the Mixed Singles called Sure is Fun and that title really sums up the project. They play 60's style Garage rock, a description which sounds generic and restrictive (even though it really gives you the freedom to try anything), but Michael's personality adds a bit more oomph and originality to the songs.

Sure they have the addictive hand claps, drums and truncated riffs on Sure is Fun, but he adds a little surf style guitar to freshen the mix. His vocals are loose and the little squeak that ends the lines really get you moving. Sold! You're Mine follows the same equation - big bold guitar lines, crashing drums, and high energy vocals, but The Things You Said slows it down a bit in a more and lets Michael's vocals stand front and center in a nice 50's romp.

Why am I talking about a 3-song record made in '06 you ask? Well Michael and Nik from the Shout Out Out Out Outs just finished new mixes of the tracks and the results are top shelf. Fun, crunchy, high energy with enough piss & vinegar that you believe this band is for real. Considering how young Michael is, it's going to be interesting to see how far he can stretch and bend the loose boundaries of garage rock.

[MP3]:: Sure is Fun
[MP3]:: The Things You Said


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