Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quick hitters:: Moreland & Arbuckle 1861

Sometimes you find another blog that is so in tune with your musical vibe you get envious of one or two of their posts. Such is the case with and exposing me to Moreland & Arbuckle. Despite having a band name that sounds like two dudes betting a buck to see if Eddie Murphy can fit into high society, this band brings the goods. Moreland & Arbuckle are a three-man jam coming from Kansas and they basically hit you in the mouth with rural blues, soul and overall badass-edness.

Moreland's gritty slide and Arbuckles' harmonica that start Gonna Send Ya Back to Georgia gives you a perfect jump off point. The song itself is a crushing 4-minute romp that makes you want to stomp holes in the dance floor, and if I had to use an analogy, it would go as follows. The slide and harmonica makes you fall in love with the band; but it's the soulful vocals and cymbal crashes that you want to take home for the night.

I'm not a violent man (being a small Canadian), but if I ever remake Roadhouse and want to get some brawls going, I'll put Moreland & Arbuckle behind the chicken wire and tell them to start cranking out this jam. (Note: I actually really like that movie, and the news of Swayze's cancer and Healey's passing is terribly sad)

But the band doesn't just hit you with steady diet of high energy, swampy slide tracks. The trio pays tribute to all the greats, but finds there own sound and really shakes off the repetition that often limits lesser blues artists. The Legend really exposes the story telling side of the band and the boot-scooting Please, Please Mammy is a nice pocketful of soul. Plus they toss in a spirited tribute to RL with a cover of See My Jumper Hangin’ Out on the Line. I could go on and on but I find it hard to talk about music like this. It's best just heard andNine Bullets said it best by adding 1861 to his essential listening list.

[MP3]:: Gonna Send Ya Back to Georgia
[MP3]:: The Legend

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At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Love the intro to "gonna send you back to georgia". Singing on this one is very reminiscent of Matt Anderson.


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