Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quick Hitters:: Red Ants - Omega Point

Actual red ants are actually fire ants, ants which bite their prey and inject a toxic venom which induces a painful sensation similar to being burned. Toronto's Red Ants is the duo of MC Modulok and producer Vincent Price who aim to sting your ear canals with their dark and aggressive hip hop. Their new album Omega Point is good stuff, but it isn't "lets have a Coke and a smile and discuss our shiny necklaces hip hop", but rather it is "lets sit in a dark room and hide from the government agents watching us while we concentrate on avoiding sharp objects" hip hop.

Vincent Price's pounding tracks set the tone for what the Red Ants are all about, with their relentless drums and creepy sound effects weaved throughout. The beats are kind of raw and stripped down, but also feel dense, if that makes any sense. Modulok certainly knows what to do with these beats, getting in your face from the get go. He makes you bob your head whilst at the same time thinking "I might be uncomfortable if he were sitting beside me on the bus". He sounds like R.A. The Rugged Man might if he were obsessed with the X-Files and conspiracy theories, instead of all the nasty shit he's actually obsessed with.

The first two songs on the album, Amplification and Dirty Space Alchemy, provide a fine intro to the Ants steez, with huge drums and electric static acting like a fizzing bassline. Modulok also lets you know where he stands on Dirty Space Alchemy: "In the first place I never ever liked you, I'm genetically pre-disposed to smack you". The beats settle into a more straight-forward hip hop vibe on songs like Insomnia and Psychic Dictatorship, but Modulok doesn't relax much: "Rowdy like a tailgate party in Chernobyl". Now that's rowdy. Versus shows Modulok's ability to write a thoughtful and interesting song by comparing pleasure, pain, love, and the power of nothing over a solid drum track and some old school ray guns.

Omega Point likely isn't for everyone, and I think that's likely ok with the Ants. But it does provide an excellent counterpoint in style to my post yesterday about Cadence Weapon, and if you're into El-P or Black Helicopters-era Non Phixion, I'm thinking this would be right up your alley.

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