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There is a big influx of Canadian talent at SXSW this year. I mean, Montreal and Toronto have been all over the Indie scene for years, but notable acts from places like Vancouver, Victoria, and all over Saskatoon are going to be party hopping as well. One band that will make some noise and gain some fans is Vancouver's own, Vancougar.

These Mint Records darlings are a great mix of synths, guitars, female vocals and dare I say, chutzpah (or is that moxie… I can't really tell these days). The mix of punk rocking guitars contrasts the layered harmonies nicely and takes you back to when girl pop (punk) was still good.

I really don't know how you can listen to this quartet and not smile; just enough syrup to make the songs sweet, but enough edge to keep you dancing. I've been meaning to write about these girls forever, but I've been caught in limbo waiting for the new stuff.

So finally I can say, Vancougar's next full-length - Canadian Tuxedo - is out in July on Mint and the lead single Oblivion is stellar (and streaming on their myspace). This music doesn't need a lot of explanation, but it does need a listenin' to, so check out these songs from Losin' It.

[MP3]:: Temporary Teamwork
[MP3]:: Vanity

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