Thursday, April 10, 2008

Canadian mailbag:: The Winter Gloves and The Wet Secrets

Two records have ended up on my desk (or inbox, whatever) that definitely don't fall into my wheelhouse, but certainly warrant a mention.

The first - The About a Girl EP - from Montreal's The Winter Gloves is an interesting effort to say the least. The opener, Let Me Drive, is a dancey-pants electro number that I could take or leave, but after a few listens, I really started to embrace the warmer textures they experiment with just underneath the pulsing rhythms. When I first heard their name, I thought The Winter Gloves would be a great name for a folk outfit and not very apt for an electro/indie rock act, but the subtle nuances they use are as comforting as your favorite pair of hand warmers.

The end result is a collection of songs that are very repeatable. Sure, a cynic might say that combining the catchy indie rock hooks with synths and a wurlitzer means they have the ingredients needed to get heard but never stand out, but I really like the elements they put together. Instead of more of the same ole same ole, I was interested in the songs and surprised by the arrangements. The floating pop of the title track doesn't use much more than some synths, tambourine and drums, but it's as catchy and instantaneous as some of Maritime's earlier work. The record closes with the nice piano and swirling 60's falsetto vocals of Piano 4 Hands, which is probably the strongest track on the EP.

I am not going to say this record will be locked and loaded into my rotation, but I am very impressed by the fact I don't really like this kind of music very much, and really enjoyed listening to this EP.

The Wet Secrets full length is fixing to get gussied up by Six Shooter records. Rock Fantasy has existed in some form since about 2006 - with tracks like Grow Your Own F&cking Moustache, Asshole and Secret March getting love from bloggers and CBC radio DJs - but it's been a little tough to get your hands on the tracks. Somehow managing to mesh a marching band with some sexually charged electro anthems, the Wet Secrets aren't the type of sounds you'd expect to hear coming from Edmonton.

I have to say, this record is full of hits but also misses. I could listen to GYOFMA, Easy Prey vs. Sex Maniac or Get Your Own Apartment on a non-stop loop but man, after a few times through I Teabagged Myself or Boat Gas Death Train I went all Roberto Duran - NO MAS!

To be fair, these songs are mostly a joke amongst friends, and titles like Chinball Wizard prove that, but this collection of musicians has some catchy as hell tracks for you all to jump on. Like Adrock said, they are "selling sex rhymes by the pound, horny emcees won't you gather round."

Check out the Cadence Weapon remix of The Chinball Wizard and prepare to get hipper than tight jeans, neon and PBR.

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