Tuesday, April 15, 2008

News:: Cadence Weapon @ The Marquee Thursday

Everyone in tight pants' favorite rapper Rollie Pemberton (yes, I do realize using his real name might be kind of d-baggy, but he has an awesome name) is currently on a big ass Canadian tour with Buck 65 and Skratch Bastid. Of course due to Buck & the Bastid being natives of this part of the world, you'd expect them to be having a bigtime show here in Halifax. However, this is not so.

Buck 65 is playing a fancy pants show with Symphony Nova Scotia at the Rebecca Cohn auditorium this Friday night (I'm not posting on this because it's sold out, but as an aside, I'd love to be there because you know there will be some crusty, old symphony regulars in the crowd who will be tres befuddled when Buck starts rapping about giving shoe shines or horse wangs), so Cadence Weapon is taking the oppertunity to play the Marquee on his own Thursday night. Well actually he's playing with special guests, but I have no idea who those guests might be.

Anyway, regardless of who the guests are, advance tickets are $10, which is mighty reasonable if you ask me. If Cadence's latest album, Afterparty Babies is any indication, and it likely is, this evening will likely be more hipster dance party than a crossed arms b-boy fest. I'm thinking it will also be a good time, so if you're in Halifax, the Marquee will be the place to be on Thursday night.

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