Thursday, April 10, 2008

News:: Moby = Robin Williams

On the rare occasion that Robin Williams is in the news these days, we get a spike in traffic headed to this post I wrote a little while ago when we had less music to cover and still felt the urge to try and be funny. We still get comments every now and again on that post, and at this point it just makes me laugh. In that same vein is this little gem I wrote a few years ago about Moby. While it doesn't draw near the traffic or comments that the post on ole hairy-knuckles Williams does, we still see people hitting it once and a while (someone took the time to anonymously leave the comment "you're a moron" a little while ago though, which I thought was great)

Why do you mention this you ask? Well we got an email the other day that said "Moby, love him or hate him?" and instructed us to check this link, which features Moby on something called The Daily Hotness. Wow... ummm... yeah...ok. So many questions arise from this. I know most PR folks simply carpet-bomb the blogs, just hoping to hit someone that likes what they're dishing, but does it not make sense to at least find out which blogs are run by women? Or gay fellas? I don't care who you're featuring, why would I want to check out your Daily Hotness if it's about dudes? Aren't you running the risk that bloggers will read your email and attempt to write some kind of semi-comedic post mocking it? Oh well, I am writing about Moby after all, so I guess it's mission accomplished for them either way.

So now to the vital question of whether I love or (still) hate Moby. If pressed, I'd have to take hate for $1000 Alex, but in reality, Moby's case is similar to Robin Williams - do I even care enough to hate him anymore? I mean he made eleventy-billion dollars licensing the bejesus out of Play, and because of that he has complete control over whatever he does. So what did he do with all that autonomy? I actually have no idea, as I can't remember the last time I even heard one of his songs. I mean even looking for a song to post with this, I was like "Moby has a song with Public Enemy? How come I never heard about that?" But then I remembered it was Moby and I couldn't care less.

Anyway, if you've landed on this page looking for some super awesome coverage of the sex god that is Moby, and you've actually read this far, I'll let you know that you can download a sampler of his new album from RCRD LBL. Is it good you ask? I have no idea I haven't heard it, and likely never will. Does this make me a moron? Perhaps, but I'm ok with that.

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At 8:51 PM, Blogger The R.O.B. did sayeth:

I'm pretty sure that blog belongs to Marissa Tomei... she like bald men right?


At 9:22 PM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

Well if the plotlines of Seinfeld are to be believed, and why wouldn't they be, then she does indeed.

Although I think I missed the episode where Kramer revealed himself to be a huge racist.


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