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Saturday, April 26, 2008

News:: Saturday Morning Video with Jonny Stevens & Rebekah Higgs

Good morning sunshine, I thought I'd help you greet the weekend with a couple of rather enjoyable Halifax related videos. Exactly what you were looking for you say? I thought so.

The other day Rob from A Quiet Revolution posted Jonny Stevens new video (Jonny also happens to be a new contributor over at AQR, sounds like a very good idea to me) for You Can't Take Me, which features Jonny in various places around Halifax giving away his CD to random people. I like the video, mainly for the people on the streets' reactions as they peer into his big box of CD's. Some of them ponder taking one like they're making the decision whether or not to adopt a kid. Anyway, it's a fun video for a great song, so have a gander. I should also mention there's a couple new songs from Jonny posted with the video, one of which is Footsteps In Sand which you can check out below.

Video:: Jonny Stevens - You Can't Take Me

Want to know who's nice? Rebekah Higgs is nice. She's plenty talented too. Not that I've actually met her, but since we (and by we, I mean yer man Ack) reviwed her album, she's sent us a couple different messages thanking us for the review. When someone is that grateful for our humble efforts, we're always inclined to give them exposure when the chance arises. And after watching Jonny's video, I thought of Rebekah's Parables, which has a similar look to his video and also features Rebekah in various places around Halifax. So enjoy the video and check out Rebekah's self-titled debut if you haven't already.

Video:: Rebekah Higgs - Parables

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