Saturday, April 5, 2008

Quick-hitters:: Junior Bloomsday

A little Edmonton based power pop to jump start your weekend. Despite the Oilers putting out the Canucks (I actually couldn't care less), I'm still going to have to point you all towards Junior Bloomsday. You might remember him best from the collabo with Rollie Pemberton (Selfish Gene where Rollie drops a verse on a shoegaze track that fits like the final puzzle piece), but after skimming through Nervous Habitats, it's obvious Junior's got an appreciation for great indie rock. No frills, no unnecessary layers; just great guitar, synths and vocals.

Swans to Greet You pulses, with Bloomsday combining keep time drums and a nice wash of textures (the tambourine sounds perfect to me for some reason) behind the guitar, but it's the face melting solo that comes from out of nowhere that makes this track special. I think that's kind of why his songs work; he doesn't waste notes, but manages to add surprises in the most unexpected (but well placed) moments. Anyway, it's a nice Saturday and I'm going for a run - and I've added JB to my playlist to keep the legs moving.


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