Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quick Hitters:: Mochipet - Microphonepet

All right, this one right here fits the spirit of Ack's Mixylodian post yesterday where he mentioned the fact that we'll listen to pretty much anything we're sent (ah ah ah, not so fast my blonde, jheri-curled friend, that doesn't apply to you). Mochipet is the alias of David Wang, a DJ and producer from Daly City, California. His new album Microphonepet dropped yesterday, and it features a number of lesser known Northern-Cali MC's doing their thing over Mochi's electro-fied production.

This is kind of a tough album for me to write about, because although there are some songs I really enjoy, there are others I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Granted, it could just be that they are too much on the electronic/club tip for me to get into, but with 20 songs on the album, everyone's going to find a few songs that don't float their electro boat. But I shan't dwell on the negative, as Mochi concocts some funky, addictive tracks of all shapes and sizes from hyper, programmed drums with crazy huge synth basslines to head-nodding, straight-ahead hip hop beats.

Ride On, which features Mike Boo & Raashan of the Crown City Rockers is a lovely slice of some Saturday afternoon soul, perfect for crankin' in the car and rollin'. Detroit crew Dubphonics features on The Graduate which is pretty much the most "normal" hip hop song on here, and it's pretty good. As you might expect from a collaborative Bay-area project like this, Hiero is represented well by Opio (We Put It Down) and Casual (Mr. Malase). Probably not a coincidence that these are a couple of the strongest tracks on the album.

Clearly Microphonepet isn't for everyone, in fact parts of it aren't even for me, but if you lean towards the electronic side of the hip hop hop spectrum, this is likely for you, as the quality is undeniable. If you do like what you hear, I'd suggest you check out the roster on Mochi's own Daly City records for more of the same. I'd like to check out Mochi's Feel My China II because the name is fantastic.

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