Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quick-hitters:: Tim GIlbertson

Alberta - the land of cattle, ten gallon hats, Corb Lund and a surprising amount of musical talent. We are starting to collect the artists for the Alberta mix, and are blown away with the bands we are stumbling upon. Tim Gilbertson is a rising start that will surely make the final cut.

Somehow at 20 years old, he displays more musical talent than people twice his age and reverts to a style popular amongst us Gen-Xers. Gilbertson crafts energetic, electric hooks that are balanced by his hushed vocals. The melodies grab you on the first pass - which is how the 20-year old got his debut released on the up and coming imprint, Pop Echo Records - and really make you remember when music wasn't something that had to be over-analyzed. He writes the type of songs I used to blast out of my stereo.

The thing I really love about this record, is it's amazingly positive. Gilbertson doesn't seem to be filled up with the arrogance and cynicism of youth, and as a result you just want to keep listening. Wasting Air is a classic 90's track; a rapid fire bass line, muted guitars and those hushed vocals that explode into an infectious chorus you wish would last forever.


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