Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Reviews:: The Great Outdoors Spring EP

Last year I was struck by the packaging and strength of The Great Outdoors (the collective of musicians that get together to bring Adam Nation's songs to life) record, Food, Booze & Entertainment. The record was steeped in beautiful autumn browns, reds and yellows, so I was very intrigued to hear that Adam was back with an EP for every season project.

He is starting with Spring - natch as it's Spring here in Vancouver - which meant stepping out of the comfort zone he found on FB&E. Without forcing the metaphor, this EP opener really feels like one of those early spring days, where you are so happy to see the sun you force yourself free from the chains of another Winter and leave the comfort of the couch behind. Gone are the long grey days and lonely, wine filled nights and in their place are walks, patios and being social.

Spring Flower blossoms (figuratively) in front of you. The track is drenched in warmth and the sense of relaxation you get from the back porch sing-along engulfs you. As the stress and depressions seeps away, you are hit with the slow build and steel guitar and you start feeling a current of energy run through you. Suzy's Song is a bit more subtle, as Nation sings of about escaping Winter's grasp, but the texture and slows strums are more reflective of the darker times you've suffered through than the better times that lie ahead.

When Adam sings, "waiting on this coldness to pass" on So Long Old Man you can feel the heavy weight of the season getting lifted from your shoulders. The tune floats along, and is one of the poppiest tracks I've heard from Nation. The gentle strums, electric noodling and warming keys lace the song with a refreshing optimism. Isn't that what Spring is all about?

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