Monday, April 28, 2008

Reviews:: Paperweight All Star EP

After my review of the Sappy Records Snailhouse tribute record, we got an email from the band Paperweight thanking us for the kind words. This worked out well because the Belgium band might be one of the hardest bands in the world to google, and their take on The Silence Show was one of my most favorite on the album.

After a few getting to know you type emails, I asked to get a copy of their All Star EP and they obliged. Without sounding like a North American schmuck, even though Paperweight is heavily influenced by bands like Pavement and Eric's Trip, their Belgium version of slacker rock is much more melodic and relaxed and takes on a very European feel.

The songs have some of the drone and weight you'd expect, but they don't seem as dark and grim. I guess what I'm saying is that even though they may sit around listening to Malkmus or Julie Doiron, I'd wager bands like Nada Surf get a lot of air time in the ole van as well. You can happily nod along to Bedford Falls or Oh, My Owa or soak in the fuzz of Up For Days, but the EP has an almost optimistic feel. Instead of overwhelming the listener with four songs of heavy distortion, they add just enough airy guitar to make the songs easy to enjoy.

A perfect example is the bouncy bass line, harmonies and subtle hand claps of Amy Knows. All too often we hear that cities in Europe are becoming too North American, but in this case the mix is perfect and the marriage works. Paperweight is working on a new record right now, and it's one I can’t wait to hear. The thing is, like most DIY bands, they need cash to make it work. So if you like the tracks I've linked, head over to their site and buy the EP. You won't be sorry and you will be giving them a chance to finish the new album.


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