Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reviews:: Ruby Coast EP

When I was given a copy of the new Ruby Coast EP, it came with the following description attached - "It's kind of TPC-ish, but infinitely better."

Is that true? Well, yes and no.

Ruby Coast, inevitably, will get compared to Tokyo Police Club. Both are indie rock bands from Ontario (and the Ruby Coast has been warming the stage for the Newmarket crew lately) and have synth and drum driven indie rock tracks with some shouted choruses (and the vocals do sound similar at times), but I really don't think the similarities should define this young band.

The debut EP from Ruby Coast has been playing in a non-stop loop for me and seems a lot more interesting than the efforts from TPC. The songs float beautifully, but have enough crunch to make the listen immediate. The subtle instrumentation - like the keyboard that dances behind the melody at the end of Neighbourhoods, the bass line that gets pushed to the front of the mix on Brittle Bones or the chaotic instrumentation that ends I Live With Monsters (I swear it sounds like they looped the sound of Mario getting one of those coin boxes in Super Mario Bros at one point) - and the fact the songs break the two-minute mark are great indicators that this band isn't just another flash in the pan power punk/indie outfit.

They settle into melodies and although the vocals have yelps, screams and quirks the vibe of the song is never lost as a result. More Than Television opens with a huge kick drum, but instead of giving in to the temptation of picking up the pace they show great patient and allow the song to grow slowly.

It's not surprising they are already getting courted by labels and while that usually is the kiss of death for young bands, they seem to be dealing with the pressures and demands quite well. Instead of forcing an LP out before they had enough material, they went with a DIY EP and delivered 5 songs each as strong as the one before it. My crystal ball shows big things happening for this Ontario band.

More Than Television


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At 11:10 AM, Anonymous matthew did sayeth:

Bastard! I knew I should've posted about it first, *then* sent you a copy!


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