Saturday, May 31, 2008

Contest:: Two free CDs from Pony Da Look

Well, I'm finally in Halifax and what better way to mark my arrival than with a contest from a band on Murderecords? That's right.. the brain child of Sloan, murderecords is getting back in the game and one of the acts is Pony Da Look.

I could come up with some catchy tag line, but why not take Chris Murphy's word for it?
Pony Da Look’s unique sound is "Witch music. By witches, for witches.”
Scary huh? But seriously, they are a dark, electro fused sound that might catch your ear.

Well, the Toronto band took some time to doodle on some CDs and sign a few so if you are up for free stuff and witchy music that isn't written by Stevie Nicks or Glen Frey... well, we have your jones. Just add a comment or drop and email to herohill [at] gmail dot com with your info and in two weeks, the cd could appear in your mailbox (like magic).

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At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Marc Xavier LeBlanc (aka bones) did sayeth:

nice to hear that you're back out east. keep up the great here at Herohill. diggin' it from Moncton.

marc... aka bones... host of (((la photo sonore))) radio show and dj at ((Indie Pop Night)) events


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