Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Mailbag: J Tillman, Fleet Foxes & Lykke Li

Amazing news. J Tillman is now a member of Fleet Foxes. Basically, adding his amazing talents to an already great band means there is potential for greatness.

The only down side is I wonder what's going to happen with J and his already completed solo record. Hopefully someone wises up and distributes it or he can open up for the band and get the attention he deserves. Either way, congrats J and huzzah to Fleet Foxes for realizing they can benefit from having him around.
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Usually it's not worth the effort required to try to write about big acts, but I've been listening to Lykke Li a lot lately. I don't think the fact that everyone else loves her should make me like her less (but it often does).

The notes move with a quiet confidence, and it's like watching a woman walk gracefully across a room, slowly drawing the eye of every man in the joint. She knows she doesn't need to try, and as a result she's completely compelling.

Lykke is here with blog darling El Perro Del Mar. The show is May 14th @ the Red Room and should be terrific.
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Video:: I'm Good, I'm Gone

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At 11:37 AM, Blogger Allan did sayeth:

Wow...The Fleet Foxes is only getting better. I really hope the band Siberian can get more respect now (they were the ones who told me about J Tillman and The Fleet Foxes).


At 7:30 PM, Anonymous The ROB did sayeth:

There are some great videos around of Lykke Li doing - take away show-esque - videos of her songs in the bathroom for example...

crossing my fingers for an actual take away show sometime soon.

Also, I gotta tell you... I laugh (I know I'm juvenile) everytime I hear her say her own name "Lick Lee"...


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