Friday, May 16, 2008

News:: The Ack Is Back All In We're Gonna Win

Well he isn't back yet, but he's coming. I know he's mentioned it a few times on the site, and yesterday he finally came with his official moving post, but he's been playing it down a little bit. Moving across the country, from Vancouver to Halifax, is a huge life decision, and so I thought I'd say a little something about it.

My wife Petra and I know a bit about what they're going through, having made the move back to our hometown two years ago, but there's a difference. P and I, like Ack, are born and bred Haligonians, so we were both coming back to friends and family here, but Nic's lovely wife Nic calls Oakville, Ontario home (but don't hold that against her! Hi-O! What does that even mean, I have no idea), so it was likely a much bigger decision for them. But what a decision it is. Petra and I are ecstatic that we'll once again be living in the same city as Bryan and Nic.

Obviously it's big news for herohill, but on a personal level, Bryan and Nic were our closest friends in Toronto and once they moved to Vancouver, T.O. wasn't the same for us. We thought it would never happen, in fact Petra refused to even talk about it - for fear of having her hopes dashed - until their return was cast in stone. Well, like that fruity kid from almost famous said, "it's all happening", and we couldn't be happier about it.

If I know the readers of music blogs at all (and based on our traffic stats, I don't know many! Hi-O! Ok, I need to stop that), by now most of you are thinking, "ok, enough of the sensitive blogger man-love, what's in this for me". Well, if you're in Vancouver, you're losing a pretty loyal show-goer, so there isn't much in it for you I suppose. Although with the connects he's made out there, I think the Ack will continue to cover the music scene in the 'Couve on a pretty regular basis. If you're in Halifax and you're in a band, it means the chance that we'll get out and cover your show went up tremendously. I'm kind of an old crotchety hermit, but with the Ack here I'll get out plenty more I imagine. And, if you're anywhere else, it means that you can anticipate the hill getting much awesomer. We've already got a herohill podcast in the works, and we're working on plenty of other excellent schemes.

So join me in not only welcoming the Ack back to his hometown, but also in welcoming Nic to Halifax. And now some appropriate Halifax-related songs to celebrate with.

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